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Press release 2022 01
BioBridge and VaxiAm Group announce initiative to help EU animal health companies take advantage of the new possibilities for EU-China trade & China-to-Europe investment. 

Press release 2019 03
BioBridge Ltd announces the start of a new working relationship with Osprey Consultants LLC, a US-based animal health consultancy specialising in veterinary medicine product development and commercialisation.

Press release 2019 02 
BioBridge celebrates 30 years of innovation consultancy on April 1st 2019

Press release 2019 01 
BioBridge Ltd, the UK-based bioscience innovation consultancy, announces the start of a new working relationship with Vaxiam Group, a US-based animal health consultancy specialising in US-China links. 


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January 2024
BioBridge is pleased to announce the first successful 6-months of activities of 2 new Board Directors, Rebecca Lloyd-Evans and Miriam Lloyd-Evans Bodenham, appointed July 2023.

They join executive Board members Meredith Lloyd-Evans (Chairman and Managing Director) and Caroline Lloyd-Evans (Company Secretary), who look forward to their continued contributions to the BioBridge family, complementing their previous contributions as project team members over the years.



May 2023
Meredith Lloyd-Evans has updated chapter 3.2 of the EU Blue Economy Report 2023, on Blue Biotechnology, with a focus on algae. The full report can be read here

January 2023
Meredith Lloyd-Evans has authored a chapter in the latest EUMOFA Blue Bioeconomy Report, on Seaweed Innovations, entitled ‘Overview Of Latest
Developments Of Micro- and Macroalgae Cultivation Systems’.

The full report can be read or downloaded at